Hello, my name is Joyce Yutan – San Francisco based graphic designer and photographer. I have a solid background in fine arts. At the age of 16 I was a featured artist at Sacramento’s historic Crocker Art Museum. My high school teachers aided me in being competitive with my fine art skills, and through out my high school career I was awarded several art competition awards. In my senior year of high school I was 2nd place and a scholarship to The Art Institute of California – San Fransisco where I received a Bachelors of Science in Graphic Design.

During college I held design intern positions at two basement based publications, Manila Mail and Club Seen Magazine. They were my foundation of my passion for communicating at a grassroots level.

Post college, I’ve worked and consulted at several notable companies from Williams Sonoma Inc., Barnes and Noble,, Kimpton Hotels, and I’m seasoned in marketing & design for web and print, mobile app design, stream-lining production, collaborating with writers and other creative professionals.

Some people have asked me, why did I pick up event photography when I’m a designer by daytime? Truth is, I bleed creativity and I am at the most peace when I have outlets to express myself – photography is the quickest way for me to produce art. When I was 8, I played around with my parents camera. During college, I always toted a disposable camera before I could afford my own digital one. Over a period of time, I felt comfortable just taking pictures of anything without feeling insecure. I take photos (almost too many photos), and edit them on a daily basis. When I’m out, you will often see me taking pictures and editing on my iPhone, because carrying around a camera everywhere I go is a hassle.

My rule number one, when I photograph performing artist is have fun! I believe joy and happiness in contagious, especially looking at a picture that was taken with good intention and a lot of heart. I’ve developed a passion for photographing independent musical performers from local Filipino hip hop artists to the reggae community in the Bay Area. I’m ever so thankful for the venues, promoters, musicians, singers and DJ’s that have been undeniably supportive and giving me a safe place where I can contribute my own art. I love music, and without them – I wouldn’t be inspired to keep the momentum going behind the message of their art.

My site, took me ages to come up with. The word, “Diaspora” in a nutshell, is the dispersion of any people from their native homeland. My roots stem from China’s Fujian Province, famous for producing scholars and scientists and the Northern Islands of Las Islas de Los Pintandos (modern day Philippines). In the world of mass media, I want my audience to get a visual taste of homegrown, deeply cultural art from diverse people I get to experience.

Open heart, open mind & kill your television

Joyce Yutan


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